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Drop Route
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Drop Route
Dropmap Hand Tool
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What is a drop map ?
   A drop map displays several glider deploy options for a landing location.
   When in game you, you have to decide which one to use based on the bus route
How to create my drop map ?
   Pick a landing location.
   Configure the drop map :
      Pick the number of deploy option you want
      Adjust the landing altitude if needed ( for landing under trees for example )
   Generate the initial drop map

How can I customize my drop map ?
    You can lock/unlock the pin locations
    It is recommended to lock your map once you are done
    You can edit the map name for easier access
    You can delete unused maps
   You can only edit the selected map.

You can only modify the drop map for 14 days after purchase.
Please contact us if you have any issue.


A drop map displays the best glider deploy options for a landing location
Features :
- Pick a spot and generate the markers automatically
- Edit the markers or regenerate the map to suit your playstyle
- Customize the landing target altitude
Price : $2.99 Restrictions :
Each Drop map is bound to radius around its original landing target
Drop maps can only be regenerated for 14days
You are not allowed to share/sell/distribute Copilot's content (including drop maps)
Are you sure you wish to delete the current dropmap?